Carlos and Luis Silva are two brothers who have worked in restaurants for over 30 years - from French to Italian and Modern British - including running both fine dining bistros and Michelin-starred restaurants. Their new restaurant in Wimbledon, called The Adega - meaning ‘wine cellar’ in Portuguese - is a chance for them to bring their skills together in a Portuguese family-run Tapas restaurant. 98-year old Grandma Silva often comes into the restaurant to check that ‘the boys’ are delivering the greatest Portuguese home cooking flavours - and working hard, for as she says “Quem não trabuca não manduca.” (whoever doesn’t work, doesn’t eat!) The family are passionate about food and come from Alentejo in southern Portugal (known as the country’s “bread basket” with its basis in agriculture), and the region is famous for its wine, olive oil, wheat, and the world’s most important source of another crucial element of good wine - cork! Cork-oak, known in Portugal as "sobreiro", has been grown commercially in the region for the past 300 years, with the areas between the trees typically given over to grazing, or on the more productive soils, to the growing of citrus fruit, vines or olives. As a consequence, a uniquely rich and varied ecosystem has developed. The cork-oak is the only tree known that will allow this regular stripping of bark without damage. The harvest of one mature tree provides sufficient bark to produce about 4,000 wine bottle corks. We hope we have piqued your interest and tantalised your tastebuds to come and try some of our authentic Portuguese tapas! As Grandma Silva likes to say: “Guarda que comer, não guardas que fazer.” (Save something to eat, don’t save something to do!)

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